The Perspective of a Victim Under an NDA: Enough is Enough

From the perspective of a victim under an NDA and confidentiality agreement fraudulently induced by Kanakuk Kamps— we deserve the right to have all of our voices heard and to bring our truth to light. We as survivors, family members, and loved ones should have the power to legally hold Joe White and Kanakuk Kamps responsible for the gross negligence they have exhibited, as well as all damages their negligence has ultimately caused.


Not only did they blatantly disregard explicit signs of abuse, but they have also done everything in their power to bury this truth from sight. They fraudulently did not disclose any signs of abuse clearly known by the administration at the time to any families or to the authorities when the abuses first occurred, which is required by law.


They disregarded recommendations by managerial staff to terminate my abuser after both instances prior to my abuse, they proceeded to promote my abuser, and when the abuse of multiple children, including myself, finally came to light to the general public, the camp chose to lie about known abuses that occurred years prior to his arrest publicly, privately, as well as in court, which is perjurious. They even had the audacity to hide the knowledge of those occurrences to those who agreed to make settlement agreements, all under an entirely fraudulent guise.


Time and time again, they have stated that they had no knowledge of any abuse that occurred previous to the point of which Peter Newman was reported to authorities, however that is entirely false— Joe White himself told me personally that he knew of every instance in detail, dating all the way back to 1999, and excused it as just “boys being boys,” and hoped that I would think nothing of it. In doing so, there is clearly fraud in the inducement of any of the settlement agreements made by the camp or their actors not privy to his knowledge of previous abuses in every case. They continue to use legal tactics to hide these facts with NDAs and confidentiality agreements made with vulnerable parties that are not privy to this information at the time of signing the confidentiality agreements or agreeing to any settlement regarding abuses at Kanakuk camps.


Victims, as well as their families, do not deserve this kind of treatment by this institution or any of their actors, given what we now know. We deserve to hold this organization and Joe White accountable. They did their best to cover their bases as an organization, but their cover up, in this instance, has shown their true colors in putting their likeness and most importantly, for them, their business before the victims or the truth and therefore shows that it is entirely possible for this situation to be repeated again and again without any true accountability or repercussions for those in leadership.


At the VERY LEAST, they should be put through a thorough third party independent investigation for the decades of alleged abuses that have occurred over the years. We as survivors and victims, our families, as well as anyone involved with this “kamp” deserve these truths to be known by everyone and for the full story to be brought to light, for all to see. I’ve been dealing with this since I was 9 years old. I’m 27. Enough is enough.

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