Former Kanakuk counselor arrested for child sex crime

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“A former Kanakuk and Kids Across America counselor has been arrested in Texas, accused of having sex with an underage girl and providing her with gifts to keep her quiet about the encounters.”

Dallas Man Tied to Camp With History of Abuse Arrested for Sexual Assault of a Child

Dallas Observer

“Matthew Harmon, who was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a minor, has ties to the Kanakuk Christian summer camp.”

Notes from the abused at Kamp Kanakuk: ‘You know what Satan is doing, but you still let him in’

Baptist News Global

“Since the exposure of sex abuser Pete Newman at Kanakuk Kamps in 2009, a growing community of child sex abuse survivors and justice advocates has formed. In interviews with BNG, survivors, former campers and camp counselors and other Kanakuk attendees shared that over the years, efforts have consistently been made to sweep stories of abuse under the rug.”

Dallas police say man charged with child sexual assault worked at Kanakuk Kamps

Springfield News-Leader

“A former Kanakuk Kamp staff member faces a charge of child sexual assault stemming from his time working at a Dallas private school.”

Kanakuk abuse victims support Seitz bill at state capitol

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“Victims of sexual abuse at Kanakuk appeared before the Missouri House of Representatives Judiciary Committee to testify in favor of a bill introduced by Rep. Brian Seitz (R-156) to extend the statute of limitations to file lawsuits against their abusers.”

Missouri lawmakers will again try to stretch statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse


“Missouri lawmakers are considering a bill that would extend the statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse.

The bill, HB 1617, would add the term “childhood sexual abuse” to the listed legal definitions of rape in the second degree, sodomy in the second degree, sexual abuse in the second degree, sexual trafficking of a child in the first degree, sexual trafficking of a child in the second degree, sexual exploitation of a minor, and child used in a sexual performance.”

ACE American Insurance Co. denies allegations in Kanakuk’s recent cross claim

Baptist News Global

“Whoever failed to communicate that knowledge failed to prevent future abuses and, as Yandell’s ongoing lawsuit alleges, contributed to the fraudulent silencing of victims.

Kanakuk Kamps' insurer says it wasn't responsible for withholding abuse info from parents

Springfield News-Leader

“An insurance company for Kanakuk Kamps has rejected claims by the Branson-based Christian camp that it was responsible for withholding information from parents about a former camp director’s past actions.

Insurance company refutes Kanakuk claims of concealing info to sex abuse victims and families

KSHB | NBC Kansas City

“Insurance company refutes Kanakuk claims of concealing info to sex abuse victims and families.

ACE Insurance Denies Responsibility to Pay Claims for Kanakuk Kamps


“In its answer, ACE denies that it prevented Kanakuk from sending such letters. It quoted a letter it sent to Kanakuk regarding a letter to families, saying it was the first it had learned of Newman’s 2003 probationary period.

Kanakuk Kamps blames insurance company for hiding information from sexual abuse victims

KSHB | NBC Kansas City

“Kanakuk Kamps admits it withheld information from victims of child sexual abuse and their families, according to new court filings.

Missouri-based camp blames its insurance company for withholding info about sexual abuse

Missouri Independent

“Kanakuk Kamps alleges its insurance company discouraged camp leadership from disclosing information about sex abuser to families.

Branson-based Kanakuk blames insurer for withholding information from sexual abuse victim

Springfield News-Leader

“Kanakuk Kamps is suing its insurer for breach of contract, claiming that ACE American Insurance Company withheld information from sexual abuse victims and threatened to deny coverage to the Branson-based camp in the aftermath of the scandal.

New lawsuit claims Kanakuk knew about sex abuse

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“A blockbuster new filing in the lawsuit by Logan Yandell in November 2022 against Kanakuk, related to abuse Yandell suffered while as a camper, appears to show Kanakuk leadership knew of the abuse while publicly claiming they did not know about the actions of convicted pedophile Pete Newman.

Kanakuk Kamps blames insurance company over staying quiet about ongoing sexual abuse in new lawsuit

WSMV4 | NBC Nashville

“One of the survivors, from Hendersonville, sued the camp itself in 2022, saying they knew about the abuse and helped cover it up.

Kanakuk Kamps sues ACE American Insurance Co. amid sexual abuse lawsuit

Baptist News Global

“Kanakuk alleges ACE withheld pertinent information from victims of sexual abuse, including Yandell, during the negotiation and settlement of their claims.

Kanakuk Kamps Sues Insurer for Breach of Contract, Refusal to Defend


“The Christian youth camp claims the insurer withheld information during settlement negotiations with sex abuse survivors.

Judge sides with Kanakuk abuse survivor, allows fraud lawsuit to proceed


“A sworn affidavit from a former Kanakuk supervisor, which is attached to Yandell’s lawsuit, reveals complaints about Newman began in 1999, 10 years before Newman confessed.

Judge rejects Kanakuk motion to dismiss fraud lawsuit

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“A judge has ruled against Kanakuk in their attempt to get a fraud lawsuit brought against them by a sexual abuse survivor thrown out of court.

Lawsuit Against Kanakuk Kamps Survives Motion to Dismiss


“Sexual abuse survivor Logan Yandell has sued the camp for fraud.

Fraud case against Kanakuk may proceed

Baptist News Global

“A fraud lawsuit against Kanakuk Kamps may proceed, despite the objections of the Missouri camp and its leader, a county court ruled April 25.

Kanakuk abuse survivors urge Missouri lawmakers to extend statute of limitations

Missouri Independent

“The House judiciary committee on Monday heard public testimony on a bill that would give childhood sexual abuse survivors the ability to file a civil claim up to age 55.

Pedophilia at Kanakuk: Power, lies and evangelical values that cover up abuse

Baptist News Global

“For years, Kanakuk leadership allegedly has been aware of abuse at the hands of camp counselors and staff. Reports from victims and their parents appear to have been ignored, and many allegedly were silenced by Non-Disclosure Agreements.

A Christian Camp Director Abused Dozens of Kids. Now, a Victim Says the Camp Lied to Coerce Him Into an NDA.


“Multiple victims have accused Kanakuk Kamps of putting children in danger by ignoring repeated warnings, according to court documents and the new lawsuit.

Kanakuk child sex abuse survivors support Yandell lawsuit

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“When institutions that bring harm to children and commit fraud to children and their parents are not held accountable, it means that their actions and inaction ultimately go rewarded.

Kanakuk abuse survivor Logan Yandell speaks out

Branson Tri-Lakes News

Yandell said the words and actions of White and other Kanakuk leadership show they don’t see the victims as people, but rather as a public relations problem.”

Kanakuk abuse victim’s parents: ‘Joe White lied’

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“In an interview with the Branson Tri-Lakes News, the parents of Kanakuk abuse victim Logan Yandell said Kanakuk CEO Joe White lied to both of them about not knowing convicted child molester Pete Newman had been engaged in inappropriate behavior with kids prior to Newman’s 2009 arrest.”

'Enough is enough': Former camper sues Kanakuk Kamp for 'fraud' related to abuse settlement

KSHB 41 | Kansas City

“Logan and his family, who live in Tennessee, said Joe White, the camp’s CEO, lied to them and if they’d known then what they know now, they’d never have signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

Ep. 223: A Conversation with Robert Thrasher, Who Represents Kanakuk Survivor Logan Yandell


“Logan Yandell’s lawsuit says that when he signed a financial settlement and non-disclosure agreement with Kanakuk, he did not have information that Kanakuk had that would have changed his decision to sign these documents.”

Family files lawsuit in Kanakuk sex abuse case

WSMV4 | NBC Nashville

“It’s time for Kanakuk to be accountable to families, to stop lying to families today, to victims.”

Missouri summer camp operators sued over abuse settlement

Associated Press News

“The family would not have signed the settlement and non-disclosure agreement if they had known that Kanakuk officials had lied to them, Brian Kent, one of the family’s attorneys, said Friday. He said company officials took advantage of the family.”

Kanakuk Sued for Alleged Fraud in Abuse Settlement

Christianity Today

“Survivor claims the camp misled his family by withholding prior knowledge of his predator’s pattern of misconduct.”

Sexual abuse survivor sues Kanakuk Kamps, claims lies influenced 2010 settlement agreement

Springfield News-Leader

“Kanakuk actively concealed what they knew about the sexual abuse being perpetrated by Pete Newman and induced victims and survivors into settlements and NDAs,” said Robert Thrasher, one of Yandell’s attorneys, in a news release. “The settlements inhibit victims and their families from sharing their stories and as a result, hinder their recovery process. This lawsuit is being filed to hold Kanakuk accountable, and to give Logan and potentially other victims and survivors their voices back.”

New Suit Highlights Wave of Pushback on Nondisclosure Agreements in Sex Assault Cases

National Law Journal

“The filing could lead to similar complaints in the near future. ‘We’ve been in touch with scores of victims that have been in similar situations,’ Laffey Bucci Kent founder Brian D. Kent told NLJ. ‘This was a calculated effort to prevent people from being able to speak about what happened to them.'”

Abuse Victim who Signed Nondisclosure Agreement Sues Kanakuk Kamps for Fraud


“Especially revealing were the claims by William Cunningham, who was a direct supervisor of Newman, and had recommended Newman’s termination by the camp after learning of his sexual misconduct with campers in 2003. Instead of terminating Newman’s employment, Kanakuk promoted Newman to a director position.”

Documentary Reporting on Sexual Abuse Allegations at Kanakuk Wins Emmy Award


“A documentary made by VICE News about the alleged sexual abuse cases at Kanakuk camps in southwest Missouri won a 2022 Emmy award for “Outstanding Hard News Feature Story: Long Form.”

VICE News Feature on Kanakuk Abuse Wins Emmy Award

Hollywood Reporter

“VICE News Tonight Vice: A Christian Summer Camp’s History of Abuse (WINNER)”

Texas and West Plains churches announce they will not partner with Kanakuk Kamps

Springfield News-Leader

“Our church is a refuge and will not stand for abuse or with those who hide it.”

Decades of abuse at Kanakuk leads reporter to St. Louis ministry

STL Public Radio

“French’s investigation didn’t just focus on Newman’s abuses in Branson. In St. Louis, she tracked down a Kanakuk counselor fired in 1990 after an eight-year-old camper reported him for groping and sexual assault.”

Churches cancel Christian day-camp as old allegations surface again


“Pastor John sent the I-Team the public letter he recently wrote stating depositions show ‘…there were felonies against children committed in 1999 and in 2003.'”

News4 Investigates: Family of abuse victim want answers from Kanakuk Kamps leadership

WSMV4 | NBC Nashville

“Joe White personally was negligent in making a decision after he was told specifically Pete Newman is a risk to be around kids.”

Survivors, ex-employees say Kanakuk Christian camp 'ministered' to its sexual predators

USA Today

“Those men’s connections to the organization have never before been fully exposed publicly and, in many cases, the camp has repeatedly denied and downplayed the connections.”

Survivors, ex-employees say unreported abuse at Kanakuk camps in Branson spans decades

Springfield News-Leader

White refused his call for an independent investigation and seemed more focused on protecting Kanakuk’s reputation, framing the crisis as a spiritual battle between good — the camp — and evil.

Kanakuk camper says she was told to apologize, denied call home after reporting abuse

Springfield News-Leader

“She said the boy admitted he “may have” groped the girls, but Chancey wanted the girls to apologize to the boy for making the accusation.”

‘It was just a thing at Kanakuk’: Campers and staff say nudity was part of camp culture

Springfield News-Leader

“She was told she could not eat dinner in 2007 without having a communal shower in front of camp leadership to save time.”

The Southern Baptist Convention Sacrifices Congregants on the Altar of Power

Redeeming Babel

“When Kanakuk’s Joe White heard the camp’s charismatic director Pete Newman was serially caught nude with children, he didn’t think “what should we do to protect children?” Instead, he thought “what can we do to make sure this man continues to bring children back to camp and continue in his fundraising efforts?”

The Southern Baptist Horror: How many bad apples must we pluck before we recognize that the orchard is diseased?

The Atlantic

“The director, a man named Pete Newman, was a superpredator, and when he was finally caught and convicted, the camp bought the silence of victims, bullied their families, and even to this day threatens those who have exposed its horrific negligence.”

Hawley, Hartzler campaigns accept donations from summer camp owner linked to sex abuse

WCPT820 Radio | Heartland Signal

“While Newman’s abuse was ongoing, White and camp management seemingly turned a blind eye.”

Kanakuk Financial Statements Reveal 'Suspicious' Pattern Of Self-Dealing

Religion Unplugged

“The individual numbers vary from year to year, but between 2014 and 2017, Kanakuk paid the Whites or entities owned by the Whites about $2.62-million.”

Statement from First Baptist Church, West Plains, MO

First Baptist Church | West Plains, MO

“Kanakuk leadership continues to lack transparency in order to step aside from the responsibility that they carry in what happened to the young men who were victimized after they learned of Pete Newman’s

Branson men, both 34, describe Kanakuk sex abuse, call for camp to be held accountable

Springfield News-Leader

“One of our main goals is to get the word out there to help find someone who might be listening, so that they can start the healing journey and get the help and support that they need.”

Missouri Men Detail Abuse at the Hands of Convicted Kanakuk Kamps Counselor


“He told the News-Leader that Kanakuk leadership “should have caught on” that it was not acceptable behavior for an adult to be hanging out with a 13-year-old boy.”

Kanakuk Wants To Be Taken Off ‘Dirty Dozen List'; Abuse Victim Disagrees

Christian Post

“He believes that “if they truly want to stand for kids, the first thing that needs to happen is that” Kanakuk CEO Joe White and Kanakuk Ministries President Doug Godwin need to resign.”

2022 Dirty Dozen List: Kanakuk Kamps Has Swept Child Sexual Abuse Under the Rug


“Between April – June 2021, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation was contacted by three survivors of sexual abuse allegedly taking place at Kanakuk. One survivor we spoke with said that finally at age 70 he was sharing what happened to him for the first time when he was a young counselor at the camp. Another was a dad of young boys who was abused as a “kamper” while a young teen.”

Kanakuk Named To NCOSE’s “Dirty Dozen List”

Ministry Watch

“For decades, thousands of families have entrusted their children’s hearts, minds, and safety to Kanakuk Kamps—one of the largest Christian sports camps. Tragically, in a deeply troubling array of instances, the safety of children took a back seat to other considerations as years of child sexual abuse at Kanakuk Kamps have been covered up by the organization. This was and is a violation of trust, and ultimately a failure of leadership.”

Kanakuk responds to calls to release victims from NDAs

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“White says he wished he would have understood what he was dealing with. He knew he was dealing with an adult who was naked with children on multiple occasions. He knew exactly what he was dealing with, he chose to cover it up and do the wrong thing. That is what I need to hear.”

Kanakuk issues new statement on camp child sex abuse; survivor calls it 'disgusting'

Springfield News-Leader

“While I appreciate (Joe White’s) gesture to reach out to victims and make an attempt to apologize, this letter is not that. It’s filled with emotional language that still lacks authentic brokenness and an (admission) to failing victims and their families 12 years ago. There was no admittance to failing to fire Newman, no admittance to using the lawyers and insurance companies to protect their assets by using NDAs in settlements, and no admittance to ignoring the warning signs that were reported by parents and others.”

Kanakuk camp 'abuse survivors' call for independent investigation into sexual assault accusations

Springfield News-Leader

“A group of people who say they’re survivors of past sexual abuse at Kanakuk camp in southwest Missouri called on the Branson-area Christian youth camp to own up to numerous allegations of sex abuse against underage minors by people linked to the camp.”

New Evidence Emerges: Kanakuk Kamp Blocked an Effort to Fire an Employee Later Revealed To Be a Serial Child Abuser

The Dispatch

“There was a time—after Pete was nude-four-wheeling with campers—that Will wanted to let Pete go. Will brought it to the attention of the Kanakuk authorities, but the powers that be rejected Will’s recommendation to fire Pete. Instead, they insisted Pete stay.”

Abused at Christian Summer Camp, Survivors Say They’ve Been Kept Silent


“For years, a former staffer at Kanakuk Kamps, one of the country’s most popular Christian summer camps, abused dozens of boys. Vice News speaks with survivors, who say the camp has used confidentiality clauses to keep them quiet.”

They Aren’t Who You Think They Are

The Dispatch

“The inside story of how Kanakuk—one of America’s largest Christian camps—enabled horrific abuse.”

Kanakuk Kamps Tried to Punish a Victim's Family for Refusing to Sign a Non-Disparagement Agreement

The Dispatch

“When a young victim wanted to be free to tell his story, the camp played hardball.”

Kanakuk Financial Statements Reveal “Suspicious” Pattern of Self-Dealing

Ministry Watch

“Joe and Debbie-Jo White Paid $2.6-Million by Kanakuk from 2014-2017”

New Witnesses Allege Kanakuk Kamps Tried to Cover Up Child Sex Abuse

The Dispatch

“Experts say the FBI should investigate possible child trafficking.”

Kanakuk Petition Reaches 15,000 Signatures

Ministry Watch

“Petition asks that victims be released from non-disclosure agreements”

Victims of Kanakuk Counsellor Speak To Dallas TV Station

Ministry Watch

“When asked why they would risk financial consequences by coming forward, one of them said, ‘I have a story that I want to be told.’ Another said, ‘It’s a cry for justice.'”

Former Kanakuk Counselor Peter Newman Named in New Sex-Abuse Lawsuit

Ministry Watch

“An anonymous ‘John Doe’ plaintiff has sued a former counselor of Kanakuk camp for civil damages. According to court documents and reports in the Springfield News-Leader, ‘The plaintiff says he suffered sex abuse while he attended a Christian youth camp based near Branson.'”

Kanakuk Kamps and the urgency of accountability: Salvation in three tenses and the peril of Christless Christianity

Denison Forum

“David and Nancy French note that the number of Kanakuk victims who have come forward remains unknown since many cases were settled with nondisclosure agreements. They explain the reason for their report: ‘There is no statute of limitations on truth.’”

Kanakuk Knew of Abuser’s Behavior At Least 6 Years Before Finally Firing Him

Ministry Watch

“Court Documents Suggest Nearly 60 Kanakuk Sex Abuse Victims”

Myriad Survivors Reveal Years of Hidden Institutional Abuse at Kanakuk Kamps


“Joe White’s decades-long cover-up of sexual abuse at Kanakuk Kamps is a horrific reminder of how institutional abuse persists when unaddressed.”

America’s Most Popular Christian Summer Camp Has a History of Ignoring Sex Abuse

Friendly Atheist

“Why did so many Christian leaders look the other way?”

MinistryWatch Answers Kanakuk Demand for Retraction of Stories

Ministry Watch

“We believe that to retract these articles, which are substantially true and provide valuable information, would be a disservice to the abuse victims and their families, a disservice to the public, and a disservice to the truth we are committed to uphold.”

How American Christendom Weakens American Christianity

The Dispatch

“What if an institution like Kanakuk decided to die? What if it decided that its continued existence was irrelevant compared to the necessity of repentance and justice, and it should close before it denied truth and restitution to the children who were so terribly victimized on its grounds?“

Kanakuk Makes Millions, Then Takes Millions in PPP Funds

Ministry Watch

“The PPP was designed to help organizations that would have to shut down or experience severe financial hardship during the pandemic. However, Kanakuk Kamps, in Missouri, didn’t shut down last summer. They operated a mostly full schedule all summer in 2020 – despite the fact that this decision led to an outbreak of COVID cases in August.”

VICE News Covers Sex Abuse at America's Most Popular Christian Summer Camp

Friendly Atheist

“It’s incredible that this ministry hasn’t shut down yet. It’s even more amazing that parents still send their kids to this place. No amount of whitewashing the past can make up for the pain and trauma the camp’s leaders have caused.”

Christian Summer 'Kamp' Knew About Sexual Abuse: Complaint

Find Law

“The plaintiff, identified as “John Doe III,” alleges that Newman molested him from age 10 to age 16, and that before he even attended Kanakuk Kamp, Kanakuk Ministries and its various affiliates had notice of Newman’s inappropriate and predatory behavior.”

Good Faith: Liberty University and the Reality of Institutional Sin

Good Faith

“Kanakuk then used settlements that included things like non disparagement agreements and confidentiality provisions to keep people from telling the story publicly of what the camp knew and when it knew it.”

Kanakuk Kamps exposé takes closer look at past sexual abuse scandal

Christian Post

“A major Christian camp has come under scrutiny years after its most popular and charismatic director was sentenced to life in prison for sexually assaulting an untold number of campers over many years.”

New report reexamines, sheds light on abuse scandal at Branson-area Kanakuk Kamps

Springfield News-Leader

A new report argues a yearslong abuse scandal from a prominent former director at Branson-area Kanakuk Kamps was more widespread and systemic than reported before.

Kanakuk Kamps Abuse Reexamined In New Report

Christianity Today

“Former Kanakuk director Pete Newman has been in prison since 2010 for abusing boys from the popular Christian summer camp, but a recent report and petition say the public still doesn’t know the extent of the child sex abuse that went on there.”

Sexual Abuse at Kanakuk Camp Reexamined in New Report

Ozarks Independent

“The popular Christian summer camp Kanakuk near Branson is the subject of a scathing new report by journalists David and Nancy French, alleging that the leadership of the camp covered up for sexual abuse of campers by a former staffer that took place a decade go on a much larger scale than previously believed by observers.”

Public Decries Christian Men's Conference for Featuring Speakers Accused of Rape, Sexual Abuse Cover-Up

Christian Post

“Dr. White, meanwhile, was sued in 2015 for being aware of sexual abuse taking place at his camp and doing nothing to stop or prevent it. A 50-page petition … shares details of a case involving a previous camp director’s guilty plea to statutory sodomy and enticement of a child.”

Lawyers honored for $20 million lawsuit against former Kanakuk camp director

Springfield News-Leader

“In the lawsuit, the lawyers claimed Kanakuk’s management was aware of inappropriate behavior involving Newman but was slow to act.”

Kanakuk named in lawsuit over jailed counselor

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“The documents state that the defendants’ motivation for continuing to employ Newman was financial ‘in his reputation among kampers was such that it engendered return visits to kamp and more money for the defendants.”

Former Kanakuk Kamps counselor gets 10 years for molesting campers in 2011

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“Bradberry is the second counselor from the Branson camp to be sentenced to jail for sexually abusing campers in the past several years.”

Finally, Kanakuk Kamp sex scandal may receive national attention

The Turner Report

“I was not describing the evils of Jerry Sandusky, but those of former Kanakuk camp director Pete Newman, and the godlike figure is not the late Joe Paterno, but the very much still in control Joe White, a nationally known motivational speaker connected with Promise Keepers.”

Appeals to stop Kanakuk suit denied

Christian Post

“Kanakuk Heritage, Inc. and Kanakuk Ministries are named as defendants in [the] case, along with Newman and Kanakuk Ministries CEO Joe White. In recent weeks, a state appeals court and the state supreme court have denied a request by the defense to prohibit the case from moving forward.”

Counselor at Missouri sports camp accused of sex crimes

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“A counselor fired from a Christian summer camp last summer has been charged with sexually abusing several campers — charges that come less than two years after another former counselor was sent to prison for life for sexually abusing children at the camp.”

Dallas trial date nears for $10 million sex abuse lawsuit against Kanakuk Ministries

Culture Map | Dallas

“The crux of the case against White centers on the allegation that the nationally renowned Christian leader swept reports of sexual misconduct under the rug for years before Newman was arrested.”

Christian sports camp faces lawsuits claiming sex abuse by former director

Kansas City Star

“The lawsuits allege camp officials knew about the man’s troubling behavior, including swimming and riding four-wheelers in the nude with campers, but failed to remove him or keep him away from children.”

Abuse case heightened

Branson Tri-Lakes News

“An amended petition filed late last month in a Kanakuk Kamps lawsuit alleges that both Kanakuk Kamps’ Kris Cooper and Joe White had knowledge of, and covered up, sexual abuse occurring at the camp.”

How a Christian Summer Camp Ended Up With 82 Cases of COVID


“The camp has made few public statements about the outbreak, and its communications office did not respond to multiple interview requests.”

Kanakuk Kamps battle a COVID cluster


“As the cases mounted, there was a notable lack of immediate communication about the severity of the COVID outbreak. The parent of a young staff member expressed a similar frustration with a lack of communication between the camp and parents.”

OU Undergraduate Student Congress hears student concern about summer camps' recruitment

OU Daily

“In the meeting, representative Taylor Broadbent said Camp War Eagle and Kanakuk Kamps have been involved in the appropriation of Native American culture, according to the American Indian Student Association.”

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