The Voice of a Victim’s Mother

As a mother of a victim, I was furious to learn Kanakuk is claiming that the Plaintiffs requested to be entered into an NDA! Nothing could be further from the truth! My husband, son and I personally had to fight Joe White and his team of legal advisors against the NDA.


We were threatened that if we did not sign the NDA our lawsuit would drag on for years in the appellate courts which would delay the counseling and healing of our son. They beat us down emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with intense pressure to sign the NDA which left us crippled by fear and pure exhaustion!


We wanted to hold them accountable for their INTENTIONAL harboring of Pete Newman and fostering his grooming and sexual abuse which ultimately led to the abuse of our son!  It broke my Momma Heart to know my son’s abuse could have been prevented years before my son ever attended Kamp if Joe White had done the moral, legal, and right action to immediately terminate Newman.


However, due to their bullying tactics and immense pressure we had to make a forced decision to end the legal battle so our son could fully begin his healing battle! Joe White made it very clear he wanted to silence my son so that he would never be able to speak about his abuse and his story all in order to protect his name, reputation and Kingdom!


If you have any ounce of remorse for your horrific enabling of sexual abuse which has cost the lives of victims and countless mental, physical and spiritual anguish for other victims, then I ask you, Joe White, to release the NDAs of all victims immediately, so they are silenced no longer!


– A Victim’s Mother

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