The Voice of a Victim’s Father

As a father of one of the victims I was very offended, and my heart ached when Joe White referred to my son as a drop of water. Those words brought back so many horrible memories that I dropped to my knees and cried and asked, “why my son?” My son is beautiful and wonderfully made. He did not deserve this. None of these boys deserved this. And had it not been for Joe White personally encouraging me to allow my son to spend time with Pete, I never would have. Joe White, I hold you responsible.


Additionally, Joe White also knew there would be a chance that my son would be naked with Pete. He knew that Pete would do these kinds of activities with boys and allowed him to continue his abuse. My son was not the first and was not the last. And Joe knew that.


Joe White, my son is not a drop of water in a cascade of good. My son was a victim of a horrible monster that you promoted. Kanakuk wants to defend themselves by stating what they did know meant nothing.


So, lets change the narrative a little bit. Imagine if Joe White said, sir, you should let your son stay with Pete Newman tonight. And oh, by the way, they might ride 4 wheelers naked and play basketball in the nude. Would you be ok with that sir? And oh, by the way, Pete is the best. He has a heart for God, and he does so much good. And finally, sir, would it be alright if your son sleeps naked with Pete. Now remember, not everyone who sleeps with kids is a pedophile. Would that be ok with you sir?


The answer is no. I would never allow my son to do any of those things with anyone.  And for them to insinuate that those actions meant nothing prove their actions were complicit.


So, Joe White, stop referring to my son and all of the victims as drops of water and acknowledge them as young boys who were raped and molested. Admit the part you played and take responsibility. Acknowledge that they suffered undo abuse and stop insinuating that their abuse was for the greater good. There is no greater good, just evil.


– A Victim’s Father

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