My Son Was Abused in 1994 and Joe White Knew

I am the mother of a son who was molested by a Kanakuk counselor named Paul Green in 1994 and Joe White was told about it.

It seems a little late in 2003 to be training counselors when they already had problems with counselors before 2003.

My son actually went back to camp in 1995 and told Paul Green’s cabin of boys about what Paul had done to him and so camp leadership knew about Paul Green. Why were there not more protective measures put in place before Pete Newman ever had his years long sexual abuse of so many camper?

Joe White and Doug Goodwin, the experience my son had with your counselor, Paul Green should have made you all think long and hard about never letting that happen again, and yet you let it happen for years with Pete Newman. How tragic. How dishonoring to our God.

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